• 09.18.2014

    Effective 8/1/12 the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 (ACA) expanded health plan coverage to include breastfeeding support and supplies. Breast pump coverage will vary among insurance plans, so check with your insurance policy handbook or call the customer service number on the back of your insurance card to find out the details of your benefits. Some insurance companies were grandfathered out of this requirement, but this number should dwindle over time. Before calling your insurance company we recommend you talk with an individual knowledgeable about breastfeeding (such as a lactation consultant) about which pump is best for your situation. This is especially important if your baby is in the NICU or you plan on returning to work and will need to pump on a regular basis to build up or maintain your milk supply. Often insurance companies require a “Letter of Medical Necessity” or a prescription from your healthcare provider. You can find a sample letter here.

    For more information on insurance coverage of breast pumps, click here. For information on Federal support, click here.

  • 08.27.2014

    The DCBFC/MBC Annual Regional Workplace Awards began in 2010. To date 43 businesses in DC, Maryland and Northern Virginia have been recognized with this award. Each business has shown their commitment to promoting and protecting their female employees’ rights to provide human milk to their infants as long as they may choose. Loyal employed mothers who want to continue breastfeeding have just a few needs to help them continue their dedicated service to their employer while meeting the needs of their child. Studies have shown that work site support of employees enrolled in a company-provided lactation support program benefits companies through increased rates of retention, employee satisfaction and morale, decreased health care and insurance costs, and a reduction in sick leave requests to care for an ill child. Nominations for breastfeeding-friendly businesses and physician’s offices are now being openly sought, and can be accessed on the DCBFC website or here until September 17, 2014 (for businesses) and October 1, 2014 (for health care providers offices). To view the press release on the Workplace Awards click here and to view past winners click here.

  • 09.03.2013

    In 2010, the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DHMH) began work toward having all maternity hospitals in Maryland commit to provide better breastfeeding support. While this began as an internal process, Maryland Breastfeeding Coalition (MBC) members became aware of its existence and have been working in many different ways to help it succeed.

    By spring 2012, all Maryland hospitals that provide maternity care have voluntarily agreed to implement steps to better support breastfeeding mothers and babies. Twenty three hospitals have signed commitments to DHMH to work towards implementing Maryland Hospital Policy Recommendations. Nine hospitals have indicated to DHMH that they have signed letters of intent to achieve the Baby Friendly designation.

    The Maryland Hospital Policy Recommendations and Baby Friendly steps are very similar. The biggest differences are their order, and that the Maryland recommendations focus only on breastfeeding and breastfed infants while the Baby Friendly steps encompass infant feeding.

    MBC members participate on the DHMH Hospital Breastfeeding Policy committee. MBC has advocated to hospitals to ban formula giveaway bags (achieving an increase from 6% of hospitals to 56%), and is working both to help healthcare providers understand what Baby Friendly and Maryland Best Practice Hospitals means, and improve Maryland’s ability to locate community breastfeeding support. MBC members have communicated within their hospitals, communicated to colleagues at other hospitals, and are working to developed materials that can be shared to support this initiative.


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